Nether Update​

1. Добавлены новые блоки:
1.1 - Черный камень
1.2 - Полированный черный камень
1.3 - Резной полированный чёрный камень
1.4 - Полированные кирпичи из чёрного камня
1.5 - Потрескавшиеся полированные кирпичи из чёрного камня
1.6 - Позолоченный чёрный камень
1.7 - Потрескавшийся адский кирпич
1.8 - Резной адский кирпич
1.9 - Незерская золотая руда
1.10 - Огонь душ

2. Крафт
2.1 - Из нового черного камня можно сделать каменные инструменты

3. Генерация
3.1 - Добавлена генерация черного камня, незерской золотой руды, и позолоченного черного камня
3.2 - Изменена генерация базальтовых сталагнатов

4. Исправление ошибок
4.1 - Исправлены некоторые ошибки

Nether Update​ [v.1.1.0​]

The mod partially adds what is now in the original Minecraft Java Edition snapshots.
In the first and second picture you see two huge Crimson and Warped fungi, Crimson and Warped planks, Crimson and Warped nilium, Crimson and Warped roots, Crimson and Warped fungus, Netherite block, Basalt, Ancient debris, Shroomlight, Soil soul, Lantern with fire shower, Netherite set of armor, Netherite nugget, Netherite scrap, as well as a sword, shovel, pickaxe, axe, and a hoe made of netherite.
In the third picture, craft of Netherite scrap, as well as Netherite nugget from it.

In the remaining pictures, craft tools and armor are made of netherite, a lantern with fire of souls, as well as crimson and warped boards.

In addition, in hell a structure from basalt will be generated in the valley of sand of souls.

I also wanted to add the Crimson and Warped forest biome to hell, as well as the original snapshots but InnerCore does not allow this, because there are no necessary methods, so all hope is on Horizon.

And since there is no Crimson and Warped forest, you can still get nilium, fungi, and roots, just tap the bone meal on the hell stone, and either a crimson nilium or a warped nilium will appear. And if you tap already on nilium, then either a fungus or roots will grow, and from the fungus, a huge fungus.


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Cleomar Sczcepanik

Assim ó, so n gostei porque nao tem as corentes (chaims)

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