What is mod? Mod, or modification, is a special program that changes and extends gameplay
Where can I get some mods? To play with mods you need InnerCore. You can download it here.
You can install modifications in from the in-game mod browser. If the mod you want to install is not in mod browser, download and unpack its archive to games/com.mojang/mods on your device.
Can I create a mod myself? Of course!
This project is part of #mineprogramming, a community dedicated to programming in Minecraft. A list of what you can use when studying InnerCore, you can find there.
The mod doesn't work properly. What can I do? All the modifications are added by the developers. Generally there are some links to their pages or groups in social networks, so that you can ask for help there.
How to add my mod to mod browser? You need to register on this website, verificate your account via e-mail, go to your personal page and press button "Add mod". Then, you need just to fill all required fields. Please, read the hints carefully.
How to translate mod description into different languages? To edit the description in a specific language, log into your account, click "Edit" in the mod page and select the language from the list below the title. Be careful, the default language is English, and if you entered the data in Russian, we recommend you copy it to your notebook before changing (or save the Russian version, and only then edit the English).
Inner Core stops loading during "Initializing Minecraft" Try to remove games/com.mojang/resource_packs/innercore-resources directory and restart Inner Core