The most powerful MCPE mods engine

Powerful core written in C++/Java provides a flexible API

New features in all aspects of creating modifications

New GUI API allows easily create minecraft-like interfaces

Variable mod structure, build configs, multiple API types

Incredible ports of global PC modifications

Our masterpieces Global modifications. In Your mobile phone

Incredible work speed Possibility to create mod packs with dozens of mods and a stable framerate

CSS3 Animations

Full compability You can install all the latest versions of the mods together

Master Slider

An absolute mod library

More than 50 mods

Master Slider

History of Development Possibility to modify MCPE throughout ages



The only possibility to run mods for MCPE by 2016


Core Engine

A great step in MCPE modding, permitting to improve a lot the quality of mods


Inner Core

Revolution in PE modding. Global mods. Minimum of code.


That's the future

IDEs, global mods and the quick development of the best MCPE project ever