- Item Collector bug fix

Utils+ [0.7.8]


Angel ring (Angel ring) - Allows you to fly like in a creative, for work it is enough to have in your inventory. If installed Baubles, then you can put in the slots for rings

Builder's wand (Builder wand) - Puts the blocks in the 7x7 zone

Magnet (Magnet) - if it is in the inventory or in the slot for rings from Baubles, then all objects within a radius of 15 blocks will be attracted to the player.

Flacon for souls - Allows you to capture mobs and release where you need (most of the mob data is saved)

Description of death - Appears after death and contains information about items

Wrench - Allows you to disconnect containers from the pipes (sit down and click on the pipe, and then on the container you want to disconnect)


Experience Storage (XP Storage) - Allows you to store experience

World clock (World clock) - accelerates time when applying a redstone signal

Item Collector - Collects items within a radius of 15 blocks and puts them in storage.

Extraction pipe - extract items and transfer his to nearest container

Item pipe - link extraction pipes


Experience Reactor (XP Reactor) - Constructed from 3 XPStorage and 3 WorldClock around the diamond block (for the structure to be created it is necessary to press with a hammer)


/utils get death_items [id] - Place under you a grave with things that were in the description of death with number id


At death, a grave will appear in which your belongings will lie (it is turned off in configs)


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