Heart Drops​

Heart Drops​ [1.0.0​]

The «Heart Drops» mod adds health hearts that will drop from mobs upon death from a player with an incomplete health scale.

Regular hearts always drop out (1 - 4 pieces). Gold and crystal hearts are rare. If you have less than 5 health units or a killed mob had more than 50 health units, the chance of dropping gold or crystal hearts increases.

Collecting ordinary hearts, you will restore your health (1 unit).

By collecting golden hearts, you will receive a regeneration effect (for 3 seconds) and an absorption effect (for 2 minutes).

Collecting crystal hearts, you will restore your health (1 unit) and get one of ten beneficial effects (for a little more than 18 minutes).

This mod only works in a single player game so far. As soon as the opportunity arises, the mod will be added for multiplayer.


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