Wooden Buckets​

Wooden Buckets​ [1.0.0​]

Mod \"Wooden Buckets\" will add a wooden bucket to the game, which will make your survival easier. You can make it at the initial stage of the game, from simple boards.

1) You can put water in a wooden bucket and pour the water back;
2) You can milk a cow (or a mushroom cow) with a bucket and you will have a wooden bucket with milk;
3) a wooden bucket with water can be used to fill the boiler or take water from the boiler;
4) You can also make a cake from wooden buckets with milk. In this case, the empty wooden buckets will return to your inventory.
5) If you drink a wooden bucket of milk, then all the effects will be cleared. The empty bucket will also return to inventory.

But a wooden bucket is different from an iron one:

1) If you have a wooden bucket with lava in your inventory, then the lava will spill under you, and the bucket itself will burn into charcoal.
2) do not take water with fish into a wooden bucket.
3) wooden buckets do not fold.


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