Discholder PE​

First release
First bug fixing update
- Fixed bug when item animation appeared on the opposite side of the block (remade working with coordinate system when spawning an animation).
- Now you can place discholder not only on the upper side of the block, now on all 6 sides, but only if there is a solid block in the bottom.
- Now when destroying the block under the discholder, or changing that block to non-solid one, the discholder will be broken.

Discholder PE​ [1.0.1​]

New lovely way to store your music discs.
It's a port of Discholder mod from Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 to Horizon / InnerCore 2.0+
Mod adds new decoration block, which you can use to store your music discs. Items in the container will be animated in the world!
Mod provides developers with small shared API, which you can use to create your custom discholder block, or to add your custom disc or another item to the list of possible items to be put in the discholder.


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