Immersive Petroleum​

Immersive Petroleum​ [0.1.2 Plus​]

Fort Immersive Petroleum PE

This mod add more block and liquid.

But now,It isn't COMPLETE TO USE because I also prepare for an exam.

If you want help me to Complete it,you can contact me by discord: KanzakiMiner#5771


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Lỗi quá người ta than quá trời

Kanzaki Miner [HDMT]

I had planned to remake Immersive Engineering before, but I decided to do this mod first and then do Immersive Engineering.


Dude, why you keep working on this mod?! Immersive Engineering PE is extremely old mod, that is not even 10% completed, and probably it doesn't work on Horizon at all. If you are interested in this mod, you should better make it from zero by yourself, for newer InnerCore versions and with new content. I see no sense in this addon.

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