Melter's Pickaxe​




Cube 2

Source code:

now pickaxe melter all block but have

Melter's Pickaxe​ [2.3​]

This Mod adds pickaxe smelters with a single click to a mineral, this mod is compatible all mod


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Stop it, get some help ಠ_ಠ


Man, what the hell have you been doing for the last few days?! 1) Why have you been updating your mod for dozens of times? What global did you do in this updates, which you were bringing out almost every hour?! 2) How I see in the source code, your mod is absolutely not compatible with multiplayer, although you marked that it is. You use singleplayer methods to work with world and player, and also I saw, somewhere you are spawning particles, and I want you to know that these particles will be displayed only to the host player, because you didn't provide any packets to send particles to all clients. 3) That's so stupid that you made manual registry for ores to melt! There is Recipes.getFurnaceRecipeResult method, which will return specified item's result in furnace, if the item has it. So you won't need any manual `compatibility`!

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