Cool Elytra Roll​

Cool Elytra Roll​ [1.0​]

This is a client-side mod that rotates the camera while turning during elytra flight. It's both realistic and cool since it uses actual physics to imitate the way an airplane would roll to make maneuvers.

Note: This does not in any way change how elytra flight moves the player or how mouse and keyboard inputs affect flight, only the camera is changed.

Config options:
Turning force: Controls the sensitivity of the rolling. Higher values make the rolling more extreme, lower values make it closer to normal. Default is 1.25
Roll smoothing: Smooths out changes to the roll angle. 0 is no smoothing, 1 stops rolling entirely. Between 0.6 and 0.9 is recommended, values closer to 1 are more noticeable than lower values. Default is 0.85


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