Wither Skeleton Tweaks​


Original mod


StoneBlock Team

• fix blazing immolation blade craft;
• fix skull fragment drop.

Wither Skeleton Tweaks​ [1.0.1 pre-release​]

Wither Skull Fragments

Any wither skeleton that does not drop a Wither Skeleton Skull will drop a Wither Skull Fragment.

Skeleton Conversion

Any skeleton that spawns in the nether will be converted to a Wither Skeleton. They will retain their original weapons, so converted Skeletons will have bows.

Drop Cleanup

Damaged Stone Swords and Bows are removed from the drop tables of all skeleton-based creatures, including Wither Skeletons, Skeletons, and Strays.

Immolation Blade

Wither Skeleton Tweaks also adds the Immolation Blade, a sword which causes instant death and beheading for all skeleton-based creatures. There are two variants that only differ in texture.


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