RedPower PE​

pre-release 5.4
- fixed crafting recipes that use piston.
- fixed flax crop growth
- fixed slabs rendering when player's head inside the block

pre-release 5.3.1
- fixed stairs rendering
- fixed particles on using bone meal on flax in 1.16

pre-release 5.3
- updated to BlockEngine library v8
- fixed sonic screwdriver crafting recipe
- fixed drop from marble slabs

pre-release 5.2
- Deployer supports hoppers
- Block Breaker works on MC 1.11
- bug fixes

pre-release 5.1
- added basalt paver slab
- fixed basalt and marble generation in world
- fixed the mod stairs gets invalid data on crafting

pre-release 5
- the mod rewritten in TypeScript
- 1.16 support
* fixed recipes with new item ids
* updated VanillaRecipe lib for 2x2 and stonecutter crafting
- 3 new redstone machines: Block Breaker, Deployer, Igniter
- Screwdriver and Sonic Screwdriver to rotate new machines
- Basalt and Marble stairs

RedPower PE​ [pre-release 5.4​]

This mod is the port of the famous RedPower 2 for PC.

New ores:
- Copper and tin
- Silver
Silver ore only appears below level 32. Can be crushed in macerator from IC2.
- Tungsten
It generates on layers 1 to 16 in single vein per chunk up to 4 blocks.
- Nicolite
It generates as a redstone ore. Drops 4-5 nicolites, which is a source of bluenergy.
- Ruby, sapphire and green sapphire.
They generates on layers below 48. Drops 1-3 gems.

New plants:
- Indifo Flower. Generates on grass blocks. Can be used to craft Indigo Dye.
- Flax. It is mainly used for farming string. Flax Seeds can be obtained as a random drop from tall grass.

New tools:
Sickles - break plants 5x5 and leaves 3x3x3 blocks.
Athame - a silver knife, deals 20 damage to endermens, against other mobs is ineffective.
Ruby, sapphire and green sapphire tools - have 500 uses before breaking, they have diamond tools speed and melee damage, but they can`t mine obsidian.
Canvas Bag - has 27 slots to store items.
Seed Bag - uses for fast sowing. It can store 9 stacks of seeds.

Decorative blocks:
- Marble
Marble generates in the world mostly between level 32 and 96. It can be used to create marble bricks.
- Basalt
Basalt has blast resistance. Can be finded near lava lakes deep under the ground. Basalt can be used to create basalt brick, chiseled basalt brick and basalt paver.
- Slabs and stairs from marble and basalt blocks.
- Lamps (16 colors)

Redstone machines
- Block breaker
- Deployer
- Igniter

It is used for smelting alloys. It can also smelt metal equipment (including undamaged tools and armor) into ingots.

Blutricity is an electricity-like force used in RedPower. Its conductor is a blue alloy of silver and nicolite, obtained in a smelter.
Mod adds the following blutricity machines:
- Solar Panel
- Thermopile
- Batbox
- Blulectric Furnace
- Blulectric Smelter
- Blitricity transformer


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Not working in innercore

Gabriel Costa

The mod is very good, however, it has some incompatibilities with the IC2, which should be reviewed because it really hinders the game.


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