Ender Storage PE​

Ender Storage PE​ [release 1.0​]

Edge Backpack.
The Edge backpack is very useful because when we put a thing in it, we are unlikely to lose it. Here, let's say you dug up a bunch of diamonds and in order not to lose them, you can put them in the Edge Backpack. If we burn in lava, then we can craft another Edge Backpack, and our diamonds will be in it!
The Edge Chest.
In the usual 'minecraft' absolutely all the Chests of the Edge are combined into one storage. But this mod changes the crafting of the Chest Edges and, at the same time, changes its texture. With this mod, you can craft several Edge Chests and combine them into several different vaults! How to do it? It's very simple. You need to put a chest, and with the help of colored wool to change its color, and then you will have several systems of chests, this is very useful. However, when the chest is destroyed, it loses its color, be careful :)


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