Dev Editor​

- Windows are now may collapsed by double-clicking and closed by holding
- Correction of a whole cloud of errors from last stable revision
- There're no appearance and disappearance animations on Android < 6
- Explorer is being replaced with old one on Android ≤ 7 due to inactivity
- Modules and editors in project are now deleted by holding
- Cleaning source code from garbage and debugging code
- Correction of incorrect operation of importing blocks from script
- Adding a working converter for exporting blocks to script
- Removing test animation from messages that don't make sense
- Textures for blocks are loaded in background, which speeds up launch
- Adding a working converter and import for transitions as well
- Updated autosave strategy, according to which a new save is not counted until previous one ends, and time between autosaves should be equal
- Merge is used instead of old import, which corrects errors during an attempt to clone or connect data
- Fixed operation of tree in Entity editor - it now doesn't cause infinite saving, and an attempt to save more than a timeout in any of object exports is interrupted at last one
- Entity editor in main menu has also been added for testing
- Editors also now use merge instead of join
- If there is no release, it's no longer possible to clone air
- Windows with editors now also move, although crookedly
- Changed maximum number of windows (15) and default value (8)
- By default, hints can now create queues, overlapping each other in up to 3 pieces and forming a stack by limiting old performance.maximum_hints setting (changed to 25 to match stack), where 0 is unlimited
- Added visualization with progress for processes, which is also disabled using performance.show_processes
- There were some minor changes in source code README
- Fixed randomization of position of new open windows
- Added performance.safety_processes setting, which corrects operation of parallel processes
- Console, current log and hieracly window have been added for testing
- Added 9 more tests for debugging: sorting list, categories of sounds, getting and loading mods, exiting from launcher, compressing script, narration, an example of a process and a dynamic sound source
- Run JS in-game was added instead of TPS Meter, modules were sorted
- Outdated libraries have been cleaned up, a text printing test has been added
- Fixed startup errors on new Inner Core from March version
- Fixed rendering of physical form, particles in transition frame selection
- Completely removed outdated explorer, as new one was fixed on all devices
- For testing, an advanced file manager has been added instead of hierarchy window
- Added a tick meter per second to replace outdated TPS Meter

Dev Editor​ [Alpha Preview 0.3.5​]

We're created it for you, developers like us. Creating content right in-game is main purpose of this API link. Menu button will open up extensive possibilities of visual part of modification, special tools for developers and fashion designers.

At moment there are following possibilities:
- Modeling static ICRender models
- Creating custom Transitions
- Render object modeling
- World editing and design
- Supportables built into modification
- New features being developed

Modification is in testing phase, you can always download the latest version outside of testing from our group.


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VLOGERU777 890

Как пользоваться модом? Подскажите!

StoneBlock Team

Безусловно лучшая модификация из всех на этом сайте!!!


Attention! If you want to use modification outside of testing, you need to subscribe to our group.

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