Dev Editor​

- Fixed problems with importing and opening projects
- Fixed crash issues during autosave
- Added support for immersive screens
- Fixed rendering of the menu title
- Fixed global problems with modules not working correctly
- Fixed issues causing deletion of the device's internal memory folder
- Added backup servers
- Added TPS meter
- Updated work with mirror in Block Render projects
- Fixed some various bugs and added new ones

Dev Editor​ [Preview 0.3.4​]

We're created it for you, developers like us. Creating content right in-game is main purpose of this API link. Menu button will open up extensive possibilities of visual part of modification, special tools for developers and fashion designers.

At moment there are following possibilities:
- Modeling static ICRender models
- Creating custom Transitions
- Render object modeling
- World editing and design
- Supportables built into modification
- New features being developed

Modification is in testing phase, you can always download the latest version outside of testing from our group.


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VLOGERU777 890

Как пользоваться модом? Подскажите!

StoneBlock Team

Безусловно лучшая модификация из всех на этом сайте!!!


Attention! If you want to use modification outside of testing, you need to subscribe to our group.

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