Meet fresh Horizon support update!
Now we use our own colormap for all blocks in game, don't worry if your mods doesn't support Minimap integration. Added fullscreen mode, rotate with player, save terrain, updated gestures, mob atlases and more!

Minimap​ [2.0​]

Minimap allows you to be aware of your location at all times. Navigate map by finding structures and seeing your surroundings in fullscreen mode. In addition to landscape, creatures and other players are displayed on map.

How to use?
Minimap will be displayed immediately after world loading is completed, no additional manipulations are required. Hold widget to open settings, swipe to hide into button, or tap to go fullscreen. Also, zooming is done by pinching or double-tapping and dragging.

Minimap provides color atlases for other blocks, you don't need to worry about integrations in other mods.


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Najm Ahmad

Why does the mood not work?

StoneBlock Team

Вот это я понимаю мод, а не ваши 5 минутные какашки


Первый нормальный мод нирнана давайте похлопаем

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